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Founded in 1993, Inês Barbosa is a company which is based in tradition, executing unique pieces where time, memory and the artisans merge together.

Based on the experience of its foundress, the 5th generation of a goldsmith family, the company produces not only goldsmith pieces, as also pieces of history, art, and culture.

The finest and most beautiful filigree in the world is based in the lightness and details’ excellence of Inês Barbosa’s pieces.

The company is constituted by the brand Inês Barbosa – Portuguese Goldsmith, which is directed to  the manufacturing of traditional gold pieces, and NANA – Portuguese Goldsmith, essentially focused in new trends and the manufacturing of silver pieces with a modern design.

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Transmitted from generation to generation, filigree is a millennial art of working gold and silver in a 100% handcrafted manufacture rooted in North Portugal, where predominates this cultural and artistic strand in the economics.

Since the first contact and with only 13 years old, Inês Barbosa gained the natural passion for this art which is visible in her jewels. Specialized in traditional Portuguese goldsmithery, applies the handcrafted technique of filigree and granulate in replicas of pieces with years of history and the execution of originals and exclusive ones.


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The filigree process requires a work of great skills and attention to detail by the craftsman, a perfection that requires years of experience and dedication.

The execution of each piece starts in the foundry, passes through twisting two very thin wires, by the execution of the piece’s skeleton and its filling. An individual process which turns each piece into a unique and exclusive masterpiece.

Modern Design

Never apart from the filigree roots, exist a continuous search for innovation.

The improved technique allows executing any design or special request, mixing the new trends with the traditional, resulting in pieces with a modern, current and timeless design.


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