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Transmitted on from generation to generation, filigree is an ancient art of working with gold or silver in a 100% handcrafted manufacture rooted in the North of Portugal, where the cultural and artistic as well as economic aspects predominate.


The filigree process requires from its artisans a work of great dexterity and attention to detail, a perfection that requires years of experience and dedication.

Modern Design

Never separated from the roots of filigree, there is a continual search for innovation. The improved technique allows for any design or special request, combining new trends with the traditional, resulting in pieces with a modern, current and timeless design.

Our dream is to keep alive the arts and techniques of the Portuguese Goldsmithery,

the Filigree and the Granulate,

keeping us faithful to ancient traditions and techniques.




Unique Filigree jewellery, where time, memory and artisan merge.


The most beautiful and delicate certified Filigree in Portugal,

based on centuries of knowledge and tradition.


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